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2020 We see clearly now!

It's been a while and for that, we apologize. I can promise you that it will be worth it, especially since we have perfected some of those items that can from my head, making it more stressful and challenging than any other the other items currently in our repertoire.

The 3 in 1 at long last is completed and we expect it to be on the list of purchasable items by pre-order in March 2020, just in time for Spring, along with it's accompanying shoe. Prior to this though we are planning a mini-fashion-focus group, to get an idea and feedback from our audience that we are indeed headed in the right direction.

Some of you may remember this beginning idea and pitch as we were trying to find our way with a basic concept, and mechanics. It was frustrating and my production team was not feeling what I felt on how the end result should be. We did several attempts and I even could feel it or hear it. I need the ideas to speak to me because when they do, they transcend and this idea even in limited feedback was worth pursuing, but how to bring it to life was problematic, plus my production team was on the other side of the world, adding to the challenge and paranoia that I was sharing my life work and idea where it might be stolen or sold or we might suddenly lose contact and that would be that, until we saw someone doing it, that wasn't us. Frightfully stressing. Until a few months ago where we had simultaneous breakthroughs, with our second unisex sports shoe attempt and the 3 in 1 Her in Hero Bag, at the same time, which immediately sent me back to the drawing board literally. Oh didn't I mention, all of this is new, this me almost 3 years into a new career that didn't exist before I returned to the USA in 2016. Trust me when I say that all of my eggs are in this basket ( we make those too, just saying)!

This is the rough draft, but essentially this is the concept. We'll be showing this as I said during our upcoming to be announced, min-fashion-focus group. I'm probably over my head, the last time, this happened I was in the Gulf of Tadjura off the Djibouti coast, and I was in the water swimming for my life. This may not be as dramatic as that but there are a lot of things and people depending on the success on not just this latest addition but all the items in our collection and the hundreds more products in the wings which have been submitted by various communities and crafting persons around the world in support our goal of having handmade products from every country in the world.

So this is what I've been losing sleep over, This is version II and I call it OG (Organic Geared) and it's not just a compliment to the HER in HERO 3 in 1 Bag, say that three times, but a fully capable Unisex sport shoe designed with equality of the sexes in mind. I could have gone a different way, but "we" wanted to go over the top and I think once you see the idea within the marketing that you will applaud us and support our effort in do two things at once while making a positive fashion statement as well as one regarding gender equality an this is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned and as soon as you see this in our web store, it will be ready for purchase. I few of you who have signed up may be contacted to request that you become product testers as a way to help us hone our product and to get honest feedback.

Happy New Year and we can't thank you enough for sticking with us as we build this in realtime. More to come as we expand our internal processes which will enable us to tell our story much better. Have a fantastic day!

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