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Time for a HERO

We live in a world of copies and copies of copies. Everyone wants to be seen, to be heard, even when the vast majority are just saying the samethings over and over. What's special about that? I'm particularly annoyed by the ideal of individualism preached by clones. We need HEROES, individuals who are not afriaid to mot be accepted by the brainless masses who now are just stimulated by a picture, not moved by less than a thousand words, and worst not caring about substance, reality.

Humans Everywhere Real Organic or HERO for short is multifaceted attempt to find that special someone that is truly heroic. Not because they are almost famous, but because

they are someone who in digital piles of humanity, standout and more importantly standup for things of substance.

We can't promise that we'll ever be famous, We can only promise that we will be known. What's fame anyway? Adoration, admiration, alone on the top? All eyes on you? Trapped? Waiting to be rescued by the dissolve of fame, just to be free? For those of substance, fame extends freedoms, it does not put you in a box, it extends to you hands that raise you up, that lift you to the heights of your dreams and visions and ideals, and beyond, showing you the possibilities of wonderment. It enables you to fly.

Heroes do this. Heroes fly. They all have special powers, that lift them up, allowing them to be seen by all, and heard by the masses. When much is given, much is expected.

Are you a HERO? Do you want to be a HERO? Then first be a Hero to those that you have access to first. Help create the dreams of others, a pull here, a push there, a kind word, acknowledgement, a head nod, a hand shake. Humans Everywhere Real Organic- HERO! It's not too much to ask, is it?

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