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We did it, we finally have crossed a creative threshold of fashion expression and creation. An idea that we feel is, and will be to others around the world, considered as revolutionary. For nearly a year we have teased the addition of HERO GEAR as a part of our ORGANIC GEAR COLLECTION, but have arrived at the conclusion that this addition is instead to be, a standalone brand within the CEJ BAGS Brand universe. A very exciting time.

Many people have been shocked by our approach to the market. None more shocking than us because two and half years ago, this didn't exist in the stage that it does now, in fact, it was not even the same idea really.

The decision to add a shoe was not one that was made lightly considering our production creation method and message. So we created a new message. This one aimed at society and one that we hoped would resonate with the world at large as we attempt to make a bold statement about gender identity and inclusion. I think we got it right! And we got it right not once, but twice.

"Putting the HER in HERO!" led to "Putting the HE in HERO!" logically, because initially we were going in a different direction of building a product around a previously associated musical artist that just didn't work out the way we intended and it was a very big setback and a very big lesson, and we learned from this mistake, not to attempt shortcuts. Firstly this is business and secondly when you partner there's is a personal expectation of that person being in your corner, being on your team, seeing the vision and being able to read a contract. Like I said it was an opportunity to learn and we learned it at a cost.

Being the creator of this company and brand this upset me and it made me start over from scratch, it made me want to go through every good thing and every bad thing so that I knew what to expect when we reached each stage of development. No short cuts!

The HERO theme was kept and then expanded to include the potential for adding products for men, hence the "HE". We need to shift our focus from a single individual, who hadn't lived up to the hype for us at least, and instead decided to focus on finding strong female persons, in sports, in music, in activism and more to be the embodiment of what we used to define what a HERO meant to us as a brand. It hasn't been easy finding a person who we felt could represent our brand in a global sense, based on what is the norm on social media. So technically we have potentials and we have an idea, but we have not found that girl or girls that we want that can inspire women around the world because they understand the world, and know how to be respectful to them as a role model because she respects herself in how she presents her image to the world. Like I said "HER in HERO!" Not just a sexy girl in a super-suit! A smart, intelligent, well rounded, well behaved, talented girl, in a super-suit.

Enough about our problems. We're on the way to finding our HEROES and representing gender equality and gender identity through universal gender expression with a single product. Ok two products, but I think you get the idea. We're making "The gear for every kind of HERO!"

(To be continued)

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