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We want to be special for you

As a the founder of this brand that's only been around for two years at this point, Anxiety levels are high as we attempt to further our reach into all things eco-friendly natural, and organic. With the goal of having items from every country in the world, it hasn't been easy, and worst, it's been a very long process of vetting and sampling and testing items to ensure that they meet our as advertised expectation and that they have the highest quality.

Spicing things up

One of the things that we have learned in our scouring of the world is that every location and what it offers is different. So this means that not everything will be fashion, somethings will be specialized wood and stone carving, spices, or even food items and even art. We have seen so much from Sandals to boots, to shirts and jackets, to tea to coffee and the list goes on, and I have to tell you, we want it all and we want you to see the world how we see it.


You can expect to see more items like this and we can't wait to show you more!

Stay Tuned!

We are loving this journey and we're glad that you are taking it with us!

see you real soon! Have a great day and a fantastic week!

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